Congressman Adriano Espaillat Demands President Trump Reverse Hateful Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Refugee Executive Orders

January 30, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat issued the following statement to demand President Trump reverse the hateful and divisive anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive orders establish last week:

“This weekend was eye opening and further proof of the horrific and devastating policies of the Trump Administration,” said Rep. Espaillat.  “Our actions to free detained individuals at JFK airport upon their return to the U.S., our efforts to speak out against building a divisive wall between the U.S. and Mexican border, our protest in solidarity in streets across the nation to protect civil rights and our liberties all serve as a window to the work that lies ahead if we are to ensure our American values are upheld.  This is a critical time for our country and the Trump Administration must do a better job than the reckless behavior and hazardous policies put into place these last few days.  We owe it to the American people, clear and unequivocally, to protect the liberties of freedom and opportunity that we hold dear as a nation.”

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